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eStatement and eAdvice

Why eStatement and eAdvice?

You may be thinking, "What's the big deal? My office doesn't consume much paper". But what most people do not realize is that the cost of buying paper is just the top of the paper iceberg. For each sheet of paper used, the social cost incurs not only purchasing costs, but also storage, printing, postage, disposal, and recycling – and it adds up.

HSBC would like to team up with your company to help reduce the amount of paper your office consumes by using eStatement and eAdvice service and going paperless.

Click here to check out the types of eStatement and eAdvice provided by us.

Benefits and features of eStatement and eAdvices

  • Free – There is NO service charge
  • Fast – Get your statement and advice faster than via post
  • Convenience – Access anytime and anywhere
  • Peace of mind – No worry about lost in delivery in transit
  • Consistent design – Same as paper statement and advice
  • Flexible – Retrieve past 24 months of statements and 3 months of advices
  • Timely – Receive email notification when a new statement is available in Business Internet Banking
  • Easy to manage – Able to save in e-format and archive for reference

Registration is simple and easy, you can register for the service through Business Internet Banking (Please click here for Registration Demo) or by completing and returning the registration form.

For further details of eStatement and eAdvice, please check out below:

Paper Statement Fee


Over the years, HSBC has been dedicated to fostering green banking with our customers’ great support. The charging of a Paper Statement Fee is based on the "Pay the Paper" principle, which aims to encourage customers' adoption of eStatement and eAdvice in order to help reducing paper consumption and to protect the environment.

When, who and what accounts will be affected?

From 1 August 2015, the Bank will charge a Paper Statement Service Fee of HK$20 for each (set of) paper statement we send to our commercial banking customers via post for the following account types:

  1. BusinessVantage Plus Account(s)
  2. BusinessVantage Account(s)
  3. HSBC Business Direct Account(s)
  4. Hong Kong Dollar Current and Foreign Currency Current Account(s)

How will the Paper Statement Fee be charged?

The paper statements issued for BusinessVantage Plus, BusinessVantage, HSBC Business Direct, HK Dollar Current and Foreign Currency Current will be counted and accumulated every month, and the respective fees will be directly debited from each relevant account on the 4th working day of the following month.

Find out more information from Paper Statement Fee's Frequently Asked Questions.

Show your support for a greener world and save on the Paper Statement Fee by using our eStatement and eAdvice service now.

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