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Receivables Finance

Why is this service right for you?

  • One-stop hassle-free solution for trade receivables in multiple currencies, including RMB
  • Tailored solutions for businesses trading on open account terms
  • Another way to get finance when a buyer no longer issues Documentary Credits
  • People to follow up payments on your behalf
  • Protects you against buyer default or insolvency
  • Effective ledger management

How Receivables Finance works

  • You sign an agreement with HSBC
  • You provide goods or services to a customer and invoice them
  • You send the invoice to us
  • You have access to standby funds up to an agreed percentage of the invoice value
  • When and how you use these funds is entirely up to you
  • Either HSBC or an overseas representative under our supervision will collect the sales proceeds from your customer
  • When the invoice is paid, you receive the balance
  • In the case of undisputed receivables where a customer defaults or becomes insolvent, if you have taken out credit protection on the customer with us, we will pay you the outstanding balance up to the value of the agreed credit protection limit

Next steps

Solution Finder

Find the right documentary credit.

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Your Online Options

Access our Internet trade service products in your office. You can send instructions, view and manage your trade accounts, receive advices and access market information anytime, anywhere. What's more?

  • Save 57% on telegraphic transfer to mainland China (non HSBC accounts)
  • Save 55% on telegraphic transfer to other countries
  • Prepare your document credit and make amendments any time with the Internet

Starting a Business

So you have a business idea. What's your next step?

  • Apply for a commercial banking account online
  • Raise finance and manage cash flow
  • Set up MPF
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